Flip Top Cap Closing Machine - Sigma Capseal

We have enormous experience in designing and manufacturing flip top cap closing machines for a variety of cap designs with various hinge styles and latching features.

Our flip top cap folding machine uses repeatable and highly efficient techniques to perform intricate closing functions.

Flip top cap closing machine provides cap moulding companies an excellent idea for growing a business while keeping costs down.

The flip top caps are dumped into the vibratory bowl feeder or by a connected conveyor to the mold output can automatically transfer the flip open caps to the vibratory hopper.The bowl feeder automatically orients the caps into the desired fashion suitable to the machine.

Output- 80-120 Caps/Minute (Speed)

a) Vibratory Bowl Feeder b) PLC Control System and c) Closing System


  • 1. Our machine can handle any shape of caps.
  • 2. It can handle different types of cap diameters.
  • 3. We can provide different line speed
  • 4. Quick Cycle Time
  • 5. Sustainable
  • 6. Robust design and very versatile
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Flip top caps

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Sigma CapSeal is a brand of Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt Ltd, which was incorporated in 1974. Built to Last- Our first machine built in 1974, it is still working in our customers factory. Our equipment is built to last with robust design and high quality components. Service- Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and what better way to serve you than by combining a team of experienced & Specialists solely dedicated to technical support, on-call or on-site.