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Sigma CapSeal is a leading manufacturer of induction sealers. We are a brand of Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt. Ltd, India, which started its operations with design and production of high frequency Di-electric preheaters in 1974. Our company ventured into induction cap sealing by designing the first 5 KW induction cap sealing machine for P&G (Vicks) in 1989.

With over 45 years of experience across domestic and international markets, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of induction sealing solutions for healthcare industries, pharmaceutical, food & beverages, petro-chemicals, agro-chemicals, confectionary and various other packaging industries.

We craft solutions that accelerate the need of consumer goods. Research and development is our niche. We drive our products in the market with the help of our 250 trained workers and with their expertise. We export our specially designed induction cap sealers to over 85 countries. Our induction sealer is best known for its durability and best in the market.

At Sigma Capseal, we strive to craft the best heat induction sealers with top-notch design and manufacturing process. The machines create hermetic sealing (air-tight) which shields the content from being damaged or leakage. The induction sealing also provide tamper resistance.

There is a wide range of heat induction sealer machines that the company manufactures. There is hand-held or manual induction sealing machine, semi-automatic induction cap sealing machine and as well as heavy-duty inline automatic induction cap sealer. In fact, we can customize induction sealing machine as per the requirements of businesses.

Induction sealers are suitable for all the containers such as:

  1. HDPE Bottles
  2. HDPE Jars
  3. LDPE Bottles
  4. PET Bottles
  5. PolyPropylene (PP) Jars
  6. PolyPropylene (PP) Bottles
  7. Glass Bottles (Plastic cap is mandatory)
LDPE, PET Bottles

Important Point: People often get confused that induction sealer, induction sealing machine, induction wad sealing machine, induction bottle cap sealer and induction foil sealing machine etc are different machines, but these are the same terms or synonyms.

So! Don’t get confused, we are here to help you.

Our Induction Cap Sealers


This is a manual induction sealer machine for cap sealing with a capacity to seal 4 to 6 caps/minute. This is usually suitable for laboratory use and can seal caps measuring from 20mm to 120mm in diameter. It is a small, portable and easy to carry, but robust machine that one can operate round the clock and on a table.

Manual Induction Sealing Machine
Sr.No Features Specifications
1. Coax Cable Input : 230 V AC ± 10%, Single Phase, 60/50 Hz
2 Digital Up / Down Timer Sealing Capacity : 4-6 bottles/min
3 Continuous Use - 24 x 7 Net Weight : 8 Kgs / 18 lbs
4 Fast, easy set-up Dimensions : 13" (W) X 20" (D) X 6" (H)


Sigma pro is a semi-automatic induction sealing machine designed exclusively for small production lines, laboratory use or batch production. It is compact, hence portable. Because of its smaller size, it can be operated with ease.

Semi-automatic Induction Sealer
Sr.No Features Specifications
1. Sensor Activated Average Power : 500 W
2 Digital Soft Touch Membrane Control Panel Input : 230 V AC ± 10%, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
3 Portable Max Line Speed : 4-16 bottles/min
4 Digital Up / Down Timer Net Weight : 15 Kgs / 33 lbs

Sigma Eco

It is an automatic induction foil sealing machine. This is our 1st automatic inline cap sealer for the packaging industries.

Inline Induction Cap Sealer
Sr.No Features Specifications
1. Movable Max line speed- 25 feet/min
2 Safety Alarm Cap Size : 20mm-85mm
3 Universal Sealing Head of Sigma Eco Input : : 230V AC ±10%, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz


This is waterless inline heat induction sealer. It is known for its hassle free and trustworthy performance. Different industries have opted for this induction cap sealing machine for its high-end technology for a number of caps which comes in different shapes and sizes.

Automatic Induction Sealer
Sr.No Features Specifications Optional Accessories
1. Compact all-in-one design Input : 230V AC ± 10%, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz No Foil Detector
2 Safety Alarm Max Line Speed : 32 Feet/Min No Foil Detector
3 Sealing Head Moving Standard-350 mm Cap Size : 20 mm - 120 mm Conveyor Stop System
4 Customized Sealing Head Net Weight : 60 Kg / 132 lbs Bottle Jamming Detector
5 User Friendly Dimensions : 65" (H) x 24.5" (W) x 29.5" (L) Batch Processors


Sigma II Neo is an Air-Cooled inline induction sealing machine.You can choose from a standard flat sealing head, tunnel sealing head or customized sealing head for any cap inclusive of CRC caps, Dome caps, Sports caps (spout caps), Snap-On caps etc. the in-built casters provide added mobility to be moved from one line to another

Automatic Induction Sealing Machine
Sr.No Features Specifications Optional Accessories
1. Inbuilt Microprocessor Control Net Weight : 60 Kg / 132 lbs Recipe Storage & RecallDetector
2 Movable Dimensions : 65" (H) x 25.6" (W) x 29.5" (L) Bottle Counter
3 Universal Sealing Head Cap Size : 20 mm - 120 mm Tower Light & Alarm
4 Protection Alarm Max Line Speed :55 Feet/minute No Foil Detector
5 Safe Reliable Compact Input : 230V AC ± 10%, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz No Cap Detector


Manual Induction Sealing Machine
Sr.No Features Specifications Accessories
1. Enclosure: Air tight, water tight, zero ventilation Input : 230V ±10% V AC, Single Phase 50/60 Hz No Foil / No Cap Sensor
2 Power rating: 1.5 kW Max Line Speed : 12meter/minute (*Depending on cap and bottle size) Product Count / Reject count
3 Zero defect, no under sealing or burning prospect. Cap Size :20mm to 120mm JAMM Timer
4 Improved distribution of reduced power loss. Net Weight : 85 Kg Power save Timer
5 Innovative induction coil (head). Superior coil design to seal cap diameter 20 mm-120 mm Dimensions :1650mm(H) x 755mm(W) x 895mm(L) Audio/Visual Alarm : 3-colour tower light with Buzzer


It is our 1st Touch Screen induction sealer. Ease of operation, reliable performance and high speed (80 feet/min output) is what makes this automatic induction sealer most preferred by production managers and packaging engineers.

Induction Sealer
Sr.No Features Specifications Optional Accessories
1. PLC control machine Net Weight : 70 Kg Reject Bottle Verification
2 Digital Up / Down Timer Dimensions : 63" (H) x 31.1" (W) x 27.1" (L) High/Crooked Cap Detector
3 Sealing Head Moving Standard-350 mm Max Line Speed :80 Feet/Min Auto Start/Stop System
4 Digital touch control panel Input : 230V AC ± 10%, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz Bottle Jamming Detector
5 Portable Cap Size : 20 mm - 120 mm Conveyor Stop System


Our latest innovation in automatic induction sealing machine. This induction sealer is USFDA CFR Title 21 compliant. US food and drug administration requires for pharmaceutical industries to keep log of electronic records and electronic signatures (ERES).

CFR Induction Sealing Machine
Sr.No Features Specifications Optional Accessories
1. Password Security Input : 415 V AC ± 10%, Three Phase, 50/60 Hz Recipe Storage & Recall
2 User management system and privileges Dimensions : 70.85" (H) x 30.3" (W) x 33.5" (L) Reject Bottle Verification
3 Audit Trial 3 Phase: 4 Wire System( R,Y,B, Earth) Auto Start/Stop System
4 Report Generation Max Line Speed : 100 Feet per minute Crooked Cap Detector
5 CFR 21 compliance possible Cap Size : 20 mm - 120 mm Bottle Jamming Detector


What Is Induction Sealing

It is a process of hermetic sealing of containers with heat-sealable foil laminate closures. The uniqueness of the process lies in its complete non-contact heating and sealing process. The closure is usually made up of a number of layers which includes pulpboard, wax, aluminium foil and a layer of polymer. The layer of polymer is usually compatible with the material of the container. The polymer is chosen in such a way that the induction sealer can seal the lip of the container with it in a completely hermetic way.

During the sealing process an electromagnetic current is induced into the foil, which results in heating. This heat melts the wax layer. The wax is then absorbed by the pulpboard which in turn releases the polymer foil. As a result, the polymer foil melts and seals the lip of the container hermetically.

Induction Sealing Process


Safety is priority. And with induction sealing, we make sure the content is safe and secure. Whether it is medicine, delicious beverages or tasty food, we are here to secure it all. Induction sealing is a crucial part of a product.

In package designing, it is one of the most important part. Induction sealing machine is used to secure the bottle’s content from tampering, leakage, prolonged freshness, longer shelf-life and theft proof.

  • Deters pilferage: You cannot tamper with the seal since it leaves evidence of tampering. So, it can deter pilferage.
  • Prevents leakage: Since it results in a hermetic seal, there is no leakage. This can help businesses enhance their profits.
  • Increases Shelf life: Since the product does not come in contact with air, it can retain its freshness for a long time.
  • Assures the end user: There is a notion of assurance in this since customers know that they can get fresh product even if it is lying on the shelves for months. A sealed product is usually perceived to be hygienic and safe for consumption.
The value of the product depends upon the above factors. When it comes to high quality, cost-efficiency and customer service, Sigma Capseal makes the best induction cap sealing machine


Induction liners (wad) are cap sealers which prevents from leaks, tampering and extension of shelf life. It also secures toxic fluids like automotive fluids and many other liquid content from leaking. It is also known as heat seal liners.

It is made of three layers- a heat seal, a foil middle and a backing piece. Users have to break through or remove the seal to use the product. The liner attachment process is either done manually or by automated sealing unit. The cap is torque firmly depending on the size and capacity of the container. The torque helps secure the cap therefore making sure the cap sealed properly.

Once the sealing cools down, the bottle should be set to be shipped. Wad sealing machine can be purchased depending upon their capability to secure the product.

Induction Liners
“If your product is filled inside plastic bottle, jar and glass bottle, No matter what shape & size we will seal it for you- Sigma CapSeal